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Join PhiNik’s MobiPix Photobooth Co at the Lekotek Brewfest for Unforgettable Memories!

Updated: Feb 29

Hello, Memory Makers!

Are you ready to capture some fun and support a fantastic cause? We are thrilled to announce that PhiNik’s MobiPix Photobooth Co will be hosting a photobooth at the much-anticipated Lekotek Brewfest! This event isn’t just about good brews and great times; it’s an opportunity to make a difference.

Who is Lekotek?

Before we dive into the exciting details of the event, let’s take a moment to talk about Lekotek. Lekotek plays a pivotal role in the lives of children with disabilities. This remarkable organization believes in the power of play to bring families together and help children with disabilities thrive. Through specialized play sessions, accessible play materials, and family support, Lekotek makes a tangible difference in the communi

people at the photobooth having fun.
Lekotek Brewfest photobooth fun

ty. They provide a nurturing and inclusive environment where children with disabilities can explore, learn, and grow through play. The work they do is not just impactful; it’s heartwarming and necessary.

What’s Brewing at the Lekotek Brewfest?

Now, let’s talk about the fun part – the Lekotek Brewfest! This event is a fantastic mix of good cheer, great beers, and a community coming together for a noble cause. It's an evening where you can enjoy a variety of brews, meet wonderful people, and participate in activities that promise loads of laughter and joy.

Capture Your Brewfest Moments with PhiNik’s MobiPix Photobooth

And what's a fest without some memorable snapshots? That's where we come in! PhiNik’s MobiPix Photobooth Co will be there with our state-of-the-art photobooth. Our booth is not just a place to take pictures; it's a treasure trove of fun props, backdrops, and the chance to capture your Brewfest memories in style. Whether you’re a selfie enthusiast or just looking to capture the moment with friends, our photobooth is your go-to spot at the event.

people photobooth fun.
2019 Lekotek Brewfest photobooth fun

Why You Should Stop By

  • Capture the Fun: Snap fun, goofy, or stylish photos with our range of props and backdrops.

  • Create Memories: Get a tangible keepsake from the event with our instant printouts.

  • Share the Love: Post your photos on social media with #PhiNiksMobiPix and #LekotekBrewfest to spread the word about this incredible cause.

  • Join the Community: Be part of a community supporting children with disabilities.

Remember, every photo you take at our booth isn’t just a keepsake for you; it’s a show of support for Lekotek. It’s a reminder that together, we can make a difference in the lives of children who benefit from Lekotek’s programs.

Mark Your Calendars!

So, mark your calendars and don't miss out on this fantastic event. Let's raise our glasses, capture some memories, and support a cause that makes a world of difference. See you at the Lekotek Brewfest!

Cheers and Smiles,

Your Friends at PhiNik’s MobiPix Photobooth Co

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