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Meet Our Photobooths


We offer a variety of booths 

To ensure you and your guest have the best experience we have listed out booths and add-on services to enhance your events. 

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Digital Booth

Creating Unforgettable Memories with Our Popular Digital Booth

The Digital Booth is a sleek and modern photobooth that is highly sought after for its versatility and unique features. It can be placed indoors or outdoors and comes equipped with 100+ LED animations, making every experience truly one-of-a-kind. The booth offers a variety of options for capturing memories, including photos, boomerangs, GIFs, videos, and green screen filters. Get ready to create unforgettable moments with the Digital Booth!

PHiNik's 360 

Capture Every Moment in 360 with our Trend-Setting Video Booth Technology"

The 360 Video Booth is a cutting-edge entertainment option that is perfect for events. Unlike its name suggests, this booth actually captures high-speed videos at 120 frames per second. Guests can step onto an elevated platform and strike a pose or dance as the camera arm spins around them, capturing 360-degree views. The video is quickly processed and sent to an iPad where guests can scan a QR code and view their creation on their mobile phone in real-time. Whether you're hosting an outdoor or indoor event, the 360 Video Booth is an exciting addition.

  • Professional 360° Director for Set-Up and Operation

  • Enhance Your Videos with Professional LED Studio Lighting

  • Add Beauty and Epic Slow-Motion Effects

  • Customize with Branded Video Overlays (logos, text, graphics, etc.)

  • Share Instantly with Custom Branded Social Sharing Kiosk and Online Video Gallery

  • Reach a Wider Audience with Instant Video Sharing to Email and Social Media (Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.)

  • Personalize with Customizable Email Content (logos, messaging, and links)

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Selfies are here to stay, but blurry images and boring angles are long overdue for a change. PhiNik’s MobiPix Photo Booth Co. brings the magic of retro photo booths back in fresh, contemporary designs. We deliver high quality photo experiences for your guests with themed backdrops, sophisticated gear, branded prints and instantly shareable shots!

Social Booth 

***Coming Soon**All-in-One Advertising Solution

The ultimate solution for all your advertising needs. Ideal for grand openings, pop-up shops, and customer appreciation events, this mobile selfie billboard is the perfect addition to any occasion. Whether indoors or outdoors, our photobooth is equipped with over 100 LED animations, guaranteeing a unique and memorable experience for everyone.

PhiNik's MixUp 

***Coming Soon**The Ultimate Video Photo Booth

The ultimate video photo booth. This booth is equipped with a powerful DSLR camera and a built-in studio flash, providing stunning results every time. With its array of amazing features, the MixUp Booth is the booth of all booths!.

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The Audio Guestbook

***Coming Soon** Lets your guests record message clips all night long.

Make your memories last with the Vintage Style Audio Guestbook Phone. Simply pick up the phone, record your message after the beep, and hang up. All of the recordings will be uploaded for you to listen to, share, download, and cherish for years to come.


  • Your Own Custom "after the beep" Voicemail Message

  • Wall Charger Included for All-Day Use

  • Unlimited Recordings up to 2.5 Minutes Long

  • Easy 1-Step Setup - Plugin and Wait for the Light

  • Automatic Backups for Safekeeping

  • Safe Shutdown Button to Protect Your Messages

  • Free Customizable and Printable Welcome/Instructional Signage Template


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