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My name is Nikki

Nikki, also known as The Chic Behind the Booth, is a successful entrepreneur and founder of PhiNik's Mobipix, an innovative photobooth business.

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Our Story.

PhiNik's MobiPix Photo Booth Company was created with the aim of combining photo quality with fun for our clients. We envisioned a world where everyone could capture special moments in vivid detail, without needing expert photography skills. Born in June 2019, PhiNik's MobiPix is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has brought its memorable selfie booths to various parties, events, brands, and event planners across the US.

Our modern and user-friendly selfie stations provide a fun and interactive visual experience for all. With our special branding features, your brand can make a lasting impression on your guests. Whether you're hosting a party, or event, or showcasing your brand, our photo booths are designed to make sure everyone leaves with a smile and a memory to last a lifetime.



Our goal is to elevate your events and create unforgettable memories. We believe that life's special moments deserve to be captured, preserved, and shared with the world, which is why we offer our services to help you do just that. Additionally, we help brands maximize the impact of their events through experiential marketing by delivering outstanding experiences for your galas, openings, and conventions.


Our aim is to bring creativity and innovation to the photo booth industry. Our team loves to explore new possibilities, and PhiNik's MobiPix has given us the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names and companies in the business.

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